• Earth day

    Saturday Apr 22 2017

      1. Shop & Eat Locally A great way to show your love and support for local businesses is also a way to show your love for the planet! Buying...

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  • New Year, New Challenges

    Wednesday Jan 25 2017

    Sticking to things is difficult, I know. I was the poster child for doing anything involving low to no commitment. When I was introduced to climbing last December (I can’t...

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  • Dina Castillo: Marathon Training Tips

    Thursday Sep 01 2016

      Have your weekends been filled with packing on a race belt filled with goo gel packs, edible snacks, numerous bottles of water and electrolyte fluids only to carry with you...

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  • How To Rock Your Activewear Anywhere You Go

    Thursday Jul 21 2016

    Nowadays workout clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore! We love nothing more than finding innovative and fresh ways to wear our pieces, not just in the gym but on the go...

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  • Dina's Summer Sweat Sesh

    Friday May 13 2016

    The weather is heating up and the essential summer gear of flip flops, sun dresses and bikinis are ready to be pulled out from the closet. Shorts & tanks while...

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  • What To Eat Before & After A Workout

    Thursday Apr 28 2016

    Believe it or not, what you eat before and after your workout has a huge effect on how quickly you will be losing weight. Keeping up with consistent workout activity...

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  • How To Clean Your Sneakers in 6 Easy Steps

    Thursday Apr 07 2016

    With spring finally upon us it’s about that time to whip out your cute activewear and take your workouts outside! Being outdoors for a workout sure is refreshing, although it’s...

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  • Choosing Chia's Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait

    Friday Mar 18 2016

    Spring is finally here! Well, maybe not entirely since there is still a lot of snow on the ground, but it's definitely on it's way! Daylight savings happened last weekend,...

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  • How to reach your fitness goals

    Friday Jan 22 2016

    The colder weather, the holiday desserts and the large comfy sweaters are taking over our closets. While the weather and wardrobe are changing with the seasons, our desire for a healthy...

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  • How Fashion Affects Fitness

    Friday Oct 09 2015

    Perfecting a healthy lifestyle begins and ends with how we perceive ourselves and the best way to motivate ones self is to take what’s in our hearts and minds and have...

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  • Brunch In The City

    Friday Sep 04 2015

    We are very excited to announce that we will be attending the 3rd edition of Brunch In The City! Brought to you by Female Department, Brunch In The City is...

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Weights

    Friday Jul 31 2015

      There is a strange misconception that a lot of women have about lifting weights; we’re going to burst any theory you may have that says as soon as you...

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  • Sexy Summer Arms

    Wednesday Jul 01 2015

    Summer is in full swing and it’s time to show off some skin! If you’re looking to showcase your fabulous arms and back confidently in your favourite sundress or unique...

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  • Beach Babe Pocket Workout

    Friday May 29 2015

    The weather is warming up, the terraces are opening... Finally, Summer is here! You know what that means right? Outdoor workouts. Ditch the indoor gym and find your local park,...

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  • The Fitista's Health & Fitness Story

    Friday May 22 2015

    One thing my life has never been? Ordinary. At 2 years old, my courageous parents risked everything moved from Russia to the United States, the land of opportunity. A young...

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  • We're Back!

    Thursday Apr 02 2015

    Hey Toronto!.. We’re back! We had so much fun last year at the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, we just had to make an appearance this year too! As always,...

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  • Your Guide To A Flawless Gym Etiquette

    Friday Mar 13 2015

    Made that first step into the gym in your cute workout gear and matching running shoes? Awesome! You should be proud. Committing to working out consistently is an accomplishment on...

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  • 2015 Health, Fashion & Fitness Trends

    Wednesday Feb 04 2015

    The New Year is off to an amazing start and over at the Climawear HQ, we’re so excited for what the upcoming months have to bring. There’s so much to...

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing A Sport Bra

    Friday Jan 23 2015

    Your gym bag is all packed with your athletic pant, seamless workout shirt and cool kicks.. Ready to crush your workout? If your sport bra isn’t in there, think again....

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  • Why You Should Put Aside Your New Years Resolutions

    Friday Jan 16 2015

    Move over 2014.. Welcome 2015! We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited for the fresh start that the New Year brings.. and like the rest of the world,...

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  • The 12 Workout Moves of Christmas

    Friday Dec 05 2014

    Have you been snoozing the alarm clock and missing your early barre class? Replacing your running gear for those delectable gingerbread cookies? Abandoning your yoga clothes for that awesome party...

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  • Our Holiday Gift Guide

    Friday Nov 21 2014

     The Holiday season is upon us and we’re welcoming with open arms the cheerful carols, the holiday decorations and all the delicious treats this time of the year brings. However,...

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  • Adriana's 5 Mistakes We Should Stop Making

    Friday Nov 14 2014

    Adriana Martin, Author of “The Pregnancy Weight Book”, charismatic television personality and “Mompreneur” knows all about the do’s and don’t of a healthy lifestyle. Always sporting bold workout outfits, this...

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  • Win a $500 Climawear Shopping Spree!

    Tuesday Nov 11 2014

    Over here at the Climawear HQ in Montreal, we're braving the cold Canadian weather everyday to dress you in confidence and bring you the latest in fitness fashion. In fact,...

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  • 5 Fitspo Accounts To Follow Now

    Thursday Oct 30 2014

    So you’ve indulged in all the bite size Twix, Sour Patch Kids and Kit Kats that Halloween has to offer. Don’t fret; everyone deserves a break sometimes. What’s most important...

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  • 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

    Thursday Oct 23 2014

    You’ve been so legit all summer in your cute workout outfits; no one could’ve stopped you from heading to your hot yoga class (not even that delicious rich cheesecake from...

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  • Chrissy’s 4 tips for choosing the best workout clothes

    Friday Oct 17 2014

    Chrissy Caroll, owner of Inspired Wellness Solutions, LLC , author of  "Eat to Peak:  Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes", and blogger at Snacking in Sneakers loves shopping for workout clothes...

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  • Gobble up this healthy pumpkin spice latte

    Thursday Oct 09 2014

    Fall has officially arrived. The leaves are changing colours, the chunky knit sweaters are being pulled out from closets and Starbuck’s irresistible PSL has finally arrived. If you haven’t yet...

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  • Drop It Like a Squat

    Wednesday Sep 24 2014

    Let’s face it, we’ve all been there; drooling over J.Lo's curves, starring at Queen B’s bootilicious derriere and lurking over Kim K’s Badonk-A-Donk. Don't worry, these tight glutes aren't only...

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  • Just Juice It

    Tuesday Jul 22 2014

      To kale, or to spinach? That is the question. ... Or something like that. We're not too sure, really.But what we do know is that getting your fair share of both,...

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  • Gym Bag Essentials…

    Tuesday Jun 03 2014

    Whether it’s your first time ever, or just the first time in a long time, getting back into a regular workout routine isn’t easy. It’s a big commitment and, especially...

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  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    Friday May 16 2014

    A few weeks ago, Climawear had it's Hollywood (well sorta) debut on Mission Makeover recently, where we talked "Fit Fashion" with the MM Ladies about adding functional style to your...

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  • Motivation is Key...

    Tuesday May 13 2014

    Our philosophy here at Climawear is that the better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll do. And we get that a huge part of that has to do with...

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  • Pocket Workout

    Thursday Apr 17 2014

    Avoid the post-holiday blues with this awesome pocket workout. No equipment necessary - all you need is 20 minutes and an open space, and you'll be all set! Happy exercising!...

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  • The Right Stuff

    Wednesday Mar 19 2014

    Let’s be honest, about something – the best part of a good workout, is the end of it. Those last 3 beeps on the warm-down right before your summary is...

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  • First Steps…

    Tuesday Mar 04 2014

      Maybe it’s a news year’s resolution you’re making good on, or maybe you just woke-up this morning feeling like you deserve a little more “me time”– either way, you’ve...

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  • Sochi Fever

    Wednesday Feb 12 2014

      We don’t know about you, but we are totally OBSESSED with the Olympics right now.And even more so, with our Olympians. Like these two for example - gold &...

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  • 5 Tips to Building Your Endurance

    Friday Feb 07 2014

      Take it to the Next Level // Try taking your workout to the level by adding a minute or two each time. Pump it Up // A brisk walk in the...

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  • New Year, New You!

    Tuesday Jan 14 2014

    Don’t you just love the new year? We do! The promise of change, and the excitement of the unknown, it’s hard to not get totally pumped and decide that this...

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  • Recipe: Smoky Maple-Mustard Salmon

    Tuesday Dec 17 2013

    It’s National Maple Syrup Day, everyone! Naturally, we wanted to add a little joy to this whimsical holiday and offer you this mouth-watering recipe: Smoky Maple-Mustard Salmon Makes: 4 servings...

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  • Tricky Treats!

    Wednesday Oct 30 2013

    For sweet-tooths, we're coming up on the most important holiday of the year. The one day where you actually have an excuse to stock your cupboards full of chocolates and...

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  • Big Announcement...!!!

    Monday Oct 28 2013

    It's no secret that we're all for feeling awesome about yourself. It's a philosophy we've so visibly infused right into our designs, creating each and every piece with the goal...

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  • Open For Business!

    Tuesday Oct 01 2013

    The day has finally come! ... WE'RE OPEN!  And to make it special, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders across North America! Just type in the #SHOPNOW discount code and...

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  • Save the Date!

    Thursday Sep 12 2013

    Well, you asked for it... so we’re bringing it! Launching on October 1st 2013, the Climawear online shop will finally open its doors to all of our faithful customers across...

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    Thursday Aug 22 2013

    WOW. What a FANTASTIC weekend we just spent in Toronto for the 20th Anniversary CanfitPro Show & Conference at the MTCC. It may have been our first time, but it...

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  • Recipe: Island Life Smoothie

    Wednesday Aug 14 2013

      Summer may be on the out, but we’re still thinking about white sands & turquoise waters. So, we thought we’d get in the mood this morning with this deliciously sinful,...

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  • Brand Spanking New!

    Thursday Aug 01 2013

    It’s been a long time in the making, but the new & improved is finally HERE! We’re growing fast, with our products popping up in more and more places...

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