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Posted: Mar 19 2014

Let’s be honest, about something – the best part of a good workout, is the end of it. Those last 3 beeps on the warm-down right before your summary is displayed might as well be Beethoven’s 5th as far as we’re concerned. Your muscles are humming, your pulse is beating, and you’re body is sweating from places you didn’t even know could sweat.

Believe it or not, the clothes you decide to wear during your workout play a big part in determining how good (or not) this feels. Paying attention to the fit and fabric of what you decide to put on your body while you train is very much just as important as what you decide to put in it, and ask it to do. 

To help you better understand the value of good workout wear, and be a smarter shopper, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1)   Choose “workhorse” fabrics

  • Think wicking - There are many breathable synthetic fabrics out there that are designed to absorb your body’s moisture (aka sweat) and spread it out so that it evaporates more quickly. Unlike cotton, which just absorbs the moisture, often getting drenched & heavy – performance fabrics like Polypropalene & spun polyester leave you feeling cool & dry.
  • Think breathability – The key to a comfortable workout is keeping your body temperature regulated. In order to do this, you’ll need your clothes to breath just as much as you. Rubber and plastic based fabrics trap the heat and moisture from your body, raising your body temperature to uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous levels – avoid them where possible. 

2)   Perfect Fit

  • Look & feel your best  – Wearing the right styles for your body shape will not only make you look better, but consequently, feel better about yourself as well. This confidence translates into a more motivated approach; associating positive feelings with working out, and keeping you coming back for more.
  • Works with you – Finding the right fitting athletic wear is the difference between loving and hating your workout. If you can’t focus or have to re-adjust your workout because your pants are slipping down or your shirt is riding up, then you’re not getting the most out of your time. Focus on buying clothes that hold & support you where you need it most. Test them in the changing rooms before you buy, by doing lunges, squats and jumping jacks - seriously!

3)   Performance Features

  • Sport Specific - While comfort is of utmost concern to your workout, it’s still important to wear the right gear for the right activities. For yoga or Pilates, short stretchy fitted fabrics that wick are ideal, while for running or biking, fitted longer lengths that act as a second skin are better for protecting you against the elements.
  • Think Value - Pay attention to the performance features such as thermal properties, thumbholes, targeted compression zones, body mapping, meshes, and wicking finishes to get the most out of your gear. The best active wear combines beauty and intelligent design.

3 simple things that make all the difference. Happy shopping!

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