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Gym Bag Essentials…

Posted by Vanessa Pugliese on

Whether it’s your first time ever, or just the first time in a long time, getting back into a regular workout routine isn’t easy. It’s a big commitment and, especially if you’re trying something new, somewhat overwhelming.

It can be hard to know where to start, but one thing is for sure, without the right stuff, you won’t be going anywhere.

So whatever the activity, whatever the time – here are 7 essentials you’ll need to keep ready at all times, to ensure the best workout, whatever it may be.

  1. Quality Threads
    Quality training clothes make all the difference between a successful workout, and a miserable one. Paying attention to performance features, fit, support, and style will not only make you feel more comfortable, but more confident and prepared to work.
  1. Good Shoes
    Not having the right footwear for the type of activity your going to be doing could potentially result in injury, so it’s important to make the right choice. 
  1. Water Bottle
    No workout, or gym bag is complete without one. Not only does it keep your body hydrated while you put it through the ringer, but it keeps your energy levels up & helps you move better.
  1. Good Music
    Take the time to make a playlist of your favorite songs to move too, and make sure to pack some headphones.
  1. Log Book
    Keeping notes of how many sets, reps & weights you’ve done will not only give you an idea of where to start next time, but better plan future workouts as well.
  1. Towel
    Even if you aren’t the sweaty type, you’ll be happy you thought of this when Greasy McSweatyback leaves you a gift on the bench press.
  1. Deodorant & Toiletries
    If you’re doing the workout right, you are going to let off some stink - it’s only natural. So for yours and everyone else’s sake, make sure to pack a toiletry bag loaded with all the goodies that the feminine hygiene world has to offer.

Remember, the will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. So get to packin’!

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