5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Posted: Oct 23 2014

You’ve been so legit all summer in your cute workout outfits; no one could’ve stopped you from heading to your hot yoga class (not even that delicious rich cheesecake from your neighbourhood’s bakery... nom nom). Now the sunny season is dwindling away, along with your short shorts, flowy dresses and teeny tiny bikinis you’ve been sporting all summer. Feeling a little discouraged? Here are our top tips for keeping your spirits high and your head in the game:

Find your inspiration

Whether it’s saving that inspirational quote on your desktop, following that fitness guru on Instagram or listening to the beats that make you want to get up and move, find your daily source of encouragement and run with it.


 Track your journey

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. Disregarding all that you’ve achieved can crush your motivation. From the new set of weight you can now lift, to your record cardio time, write down your hard earned results so you don’t overlook all your improvements.


Tell everyone

Telling your entourage about your goals will make all the difference when trying to pick between that rich creamy buttery pasta dish or that healthy tasteful pecan goat cheese salad at the 5 a 7. Having that source of encouragement will help you stay on track and who knows, you may just get your friends inspired and land yourself a new workout buddy for that weekly barre class.


Give yourself a goal and a reward

Maybe it’s that fabulous up and coming event you’re heading to, that 10K run you’ve been practicing for, or simply those skinny jeans you’ve wanted to fit into. Set yourself a realistic goal and reward yourself once it’s been achieved.


Switch it up

Boredom is the ultimate motivation killer. Having the same routine every week can get repetitive so don’t hesitate to make it fun. Hop in to your tennis apparel on Monday, sweat it up in your bikram yoga wear on Wednesday and close the week at the trendy piloxing class you’ve been meaning to try.


Have any other tips you’d like to share? Let us know your comments below!

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