The 12 Workout Moves of Christmas

Posted: Dec 05 2014

Have you been snoozing the alarm clock and missing your early barre class? Replacing your running gear for those delectable gingerbread cookies? Abandoning your yoga clothes for that awesome party outfit?


Yes? If so, we totally get it. The Holidays season can get really busy and of course time flies when you’re attending parties, travelling to see your family and preparing yourself for the cooking and gift giving. You’re so busy, it’s almost inevitable to pack away your gym shorts and dismiss your workouts. Almost.


Here’s the good news. Working out can and should be easy and convenient. In fact, we believe that, although the Holidays get a little hectic, you can totally achieve a balanced lifestyle and remain committed to your workout routine… With a few adjustments.


We’ve created a workout that will take you through the holidays; exercise clothes mandatory but no equipment necessary. You’ll be feeling amazing, accomplished and thanking us once it’s all over.


So put on your yoga pants, turn up the Christmas music and get moving!





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