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Your Guide To A Flawless Gym Etiquette

Posted by Anne Jury on

Made that first step into the gym in your cute workout gear and matching running shoes? Awesome! You should be proud. Committing to working out consistently is an accomplishment on it’s own.

Now just like every other environment, there are certain unspoken rules that can’t be ignored for every body’s over all well-being, comfort and sanity. And although these rules seem pretty elemental and straightforward, we’ve all come across that one gym goer who shamelessly break them.

 Trust us, you don’t want to be the person doing the following no no’s at your studio. To avoid the awkwardness of these faux pas, check out our guide to flawless gym etiquette:

  • Wear deodorant

Yes, this is a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people skip this step. To be safe, make sure to keep some in your gym bag at all times!

  • Don’t be late

 At the fitness studio, there is no such thing as “fashionably late”. In fact, nothing is more annoying (yes, we’re a little dramatic!) than trying to follow your hot yoga class while someone barges in 15min late, squeezing in their mats and interrupting the exercises and mood of the class.

  • Clean the equipment

Most gyms now come equipped with spray bottles and paper towels. Make sure to use them and clean your machine once you’re done exercising… Between us, no one wants to work out in someone else’s sweat and germs.

  • No cutting in line

 Need to fill up your water bottle? Need the 15lbs for your next set? Be courteous and wait your turn. This also applies for signing up on the treadmills. (Side Note: If you find it really ruins your mood or workout, try to avoid going during peak hours.)

  • Keep it quiet

Although we totally understand that you’re working out and some exercises are difficult, not everyone wants to hear loud grunts over their beats. Be considerate and keep the noise to a minimum.

  • Pack your stuff

Sharing is caring. Don’t hoard the changing room’s benches during peak hours. Instead, pack your training clothes neatly away so everyone use the bench.

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