5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Weights

Posted: Jul 31 2015


There is a strange misconception that a lot of women have about lifting weights; we’re going to burst any theory you may have that says as soon as you start adding weights into your daily exercise routine you will ‘bulk up’ and look like The Hulk. Ladies, this is not the case, your body will not amount to that of the male figure simply because our bodies are built differently. Weights can be your friend in the gym and will help you in the long run. Here’s why:


1 – You’ll burn more calories & lose more body fat

Contrary to popular belief, cardio doesn’t help you lose weight faster. Your calorie loss during cardio may be higher than it would be when lifting weights, but it’s what happens after the workout that matters most! By building your muscles you’re in turn building your metabolism; in other words you’ll be burning fat and calories all day long! 

2 – You’ll prevent injury

Stronger muscles = stronger bones and tissues. Weight lifting strengthens your insides and eliminates the potential injuries that could occur while at the gym. 

3– Your clothes will fit better

Strengthening your muscles adds definition to your body. Once you start weight training you will notice a difference in how your clothes and activewear fit simply because you’ve been doing all that heavy lifting! Along with a healthy diet and moderate weight lifting you’ll be strutting around in those skinny jeans you’ve wanted to fit into in no time! 

4 – You’ll gain more confidence & feel empowered

When you start to notice a difference in your body definition and how quickly you’re burning calories, you will gain a new sense of confidence you never knew existed! Lifting weights challenges you and your body in a very different light than cardio does. It pushes you to extremes and makes you want to go that extra mile! You will have more of a drive to throw on those cute workout clothes and take on the day!

5 – You don’t even have to leave the house

If you’re unsure of the gym scene and are apprehensive about being around others while doing weight training for the first time ; ‘lifting weights’ isn’t limited to just the gym. We use this term however there is a whole other world of options out there for you when it comes to strength and resistance training, A great substitute for weights are canned goods and heavy jars; even a pair of small dumbbells or a kettleball can do the trick! Grab your fitness gear and get yourself familiarized in the comfort of your own home with an online training video, or perhaps you have a secret exercise tape hiding in your closet! Whatever your preference, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable in your personal space and be able to focus on the task at hand: lifting those weights and feeling like the all star that you are - not The Hulk!



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