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Brand Spanking New!

Posted by Vanessa Pugliese on

It’s been a long time in the making, but the new & improved Climawear.com is finally HERE!

We’re growing fast, with our products popping up in more and more places all across Canada, the United States, and Europe, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Not only is Climawear.com the place to get all the information you need about our brand, product and company, but also a source of inspiration for pursuing your best self.

To help you do that, we’ll be sharing all kinds of healthy goodies with you regularly right here on our blog – from yummy recipes, to words that motivate, easy exercises & fitness tips, and exciting customer success stories.

We’re building a community here people! A place where hard work, inner beauty & healthy choices are celebrated, not dress sizes. So keep coming back, contribute if you'd like,  and be sure to spread the love!


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  • For some reason I can not view your website inventory. It does not show up on my computer. I have several of your long sleeved shirts and probably would purchase others. California

    Donna Dickinson on

  • I love the brand, can I get free shipping to the US?

    tennisbaby on

  • I have been wearing Climawear ever since last year when I saw it in a store in the USA (even though I am Canadian). They fit perfectly! I am tall and the sleeves are long and fit so nice. I get compliments on my shirts and leggings constantly and I love the way they make me feel :) I search non-stop for Climawear clothing when I am shopping. I am excited that I soon will be able to buy online!!!
    Michelle – London, Ontario

    Michelle Lange on

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