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Dina Castillo: Marathon Training Tips

Posted by Amanda Gabrielli on


Have your weekends been filled with packing on a race belt filled with goo gel packs, edible snacks, numerous bottles of water and electrolyte fluids only to carry with you over miles and miles of terrain?  Are you pushing yourself to your ultimate limits only to spend hours recovering from your long runs?  If so, it sounds like you are training for a marathon!  The fall months are filled with big city marathons that help spread the running bug and make you want to jump right in!  If you are training for a marathon or are thinking about it, here are 3 tips that I would like to share from my own personal experience having ran 3 Chicago Marathons.

Tip 1: Find a Running Group

Whether this is your first or tenth marathon, you want to have support! When you are heading out for a 16 mile training run, it’s nice to have someone next to you!  When I tried for my first marathon, my sister rode her bike next to me! Now, she has completed 4 marathons herself! I suggest to find a local running group or a running partner to keep you on schedule, pace and ready for race day.

Tip 2: Make Time for the Recovery

The recovery is just as important as the run, if not more important. Most days you are setting aside hours to train and run high mileage, therefore you need to make sure you take the time to stretch, hydrate, refuel, and rest!  Without the recovery, you are more prone to injury and having to pull out of a race.  Epsom salt baths, electrolyte drinks, higher carbohydrate meals, adding in a yoga class, massage, and foam rolling are all essentials with your training.

Tip 3: Don’t Push An Injury

Training for a marathon places a great deal of stress on your body.  It is a possibility that you may you get injured.  If you're running a marathon and find yourself with an injury, do not push through it.  Heel up, rest and recover. Pushing through it will only make it worse. See a doctor or physical therapist and train for the next one.  

Congrats to everyone tackling a marathon this race season!  For those of you that are thinking of it, find a local 5k, 10k or ½ marathon to test the waters!  Good Luck Climawear Marathon Runners!  

- Dina Castillo

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