First Steps…

Vanessa Pugliese

Posted on March 04 2014


Maybe it’s a news year’s resolution you’re making good on, or maybe you just woke-up this morning feeling like you deserve a little more “me time”– either way, you’ve made the brave decision to put yourself first – for what may be the first time in a long time – and start leading a more active and healthy lifestyle.

And while this is definitely one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for yourself –it’s likely also going to be one of the toughest. Not because living healthy is difficult, but because letting life get in the way is easy.

Whether you’re a single career girl, or a supermom of 3, keeping a handle on everything all the time can not only be overwhelming, but time consuming - and the key to keeping it all balanced, is keeping your focus, and reminding yourself that YOU are worth the time and effort too.

But this of course, as with everything in life, is much more easily done when you truly love what you’re doing.

So, here are 5 things you’ll want to do, to make sure you get to that point with your workout, whatever it may be…

1)   Find the activity that is most right for YOU – If you’re the kind of girl who loves being outdoors, then running on a treadmill for an hour is not going to be your thing. Likewise, if you love testing your limits and feeling that whole body adrenaline rush, signing up for a hot yoga class probably won’t do it for you either. Regardless of whatever the latest celebrity fitness craze may be, or even what helped your friend drop 20lbs – you need to find the activity that best suits YOU to get the most out of it. Don’t just follow the crowd – find your passion!

2)   Go at your own speed – Don’t get stressed or intimidated by all the super fit people you see around you. They don’t belong there anymore more than you do, they’ve just been doing it a little longer, that’s all. Jumping into a new activity too fast can be challenging, and even dangerous. It’s important to set realistic goals to work towards, and remember that nobody starts anything at the top - it’s a position that’s earned. Besides, no matter how slow you may think your going, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. 

3)   Wear clothes that make you feel your best - The difference between failure and success, is self-confidence. And a big source of self-confidence comes from how you see yourself. Look good, feel good, do better. That’s what we always say. So instead of reaching for your boyfriend’s oversized grey tee, opt for that cute pink work out tank instead. Something that shows off what you’re proud of, and brings out your eyes. The more comfortable you are with yourself in your new environment, the more motivated you’ll be to keep coming back. And if you don’t have a cute pink work-out tank, then go buy one, and maybe some new runners too – because nothing motivates a woman like a cute new look!

Remember, work becomes play when it makes us happy!


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