5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing A Sport Bra

Anne Jury

Posted on January 23 2015

Your gym bag is all packed with your athletic pant, seamless workout shirt and cool kicks.. Ready to crush your workout?

If your sport bra isn’t in there, think again. While many will state that running shoes are the most important fitness gear when working out, no one can deny the importance of a good sport bra. Weather you’re sporting an A cup or rocking a DD, here’s why you should be adding a sport bra to your gym bag essentials:

1. Support

This is one of the main reasons why all women need a sport bra. You want to think of your sport bra as being you “support team”. And before you start telling us “I have a small chest, I don’t need additional support!” let us say that your breast, big or small, are made of fat tissue supported by frail ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments) which stretch when you move. While you may not see a difference the first times you workout, this can cause damage to the breast tissue if you neglect to give them the right support over time.

2. Comfort

 Let’s be real, sport bras are just more comfortable than your regular bra. No underwire, no poking, no rough lace detailing and most of them are made of soft breathable fabrics.. They’re just a dream.

3. Bounce Control

Sport bras were conceived to absorb the shock imposed on your breast throughout any exercise and therefore reducing the breast’s movement. The bounce or lack of breast support is what causes that neck, shoulder and back pain/discomfort. Let’s avoid getting hurt ladies!

4. Sweat Control

Most sport bras are now made with technical sweat wicking fabrics, which will release the moisture when you’re working out. What does that mean for you? Cool and dry workout clothes that regulate your body temperature. What more can you ask for?

5. Maintain Your Breast’s Shape

Lets face it: weather you’re in your beginning 20’s or late 40’s, everyone wants to protect and preserve their breasts. Getting a sport bra is the best way to do so. Sport bras reduce the amount of movement and stretch inflicted on the ligaments, which also limits the amount of pressure put on the breast and in return, helps maintain your breast shape.

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