3 Ways Sports Bras Give You The Support You Need

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on June 14 2019

3 Ways Sports Bras Give You The Support You Need

Whether you’re making a run to the department store or driving to pick up your child from school, pairing a sports bra with leggings and a jacket will work perfectly. They’re easy to wear, comfortable, moisture-wicking and trendy to say the least.

We all know how uncomfortable underwire bras get when you’re sweaty or have them on for very long. With seamless sports bras, you’ll never have to worry about rashes or redness again.

But what makes them a must addition to your wardrobe is the support they give.

Regardless of your size, you need support in some shape or form and this is how and why:

Gravity Is Not In Their Favor

Bulkier women need extra care and attention. Let alone the struggle of finding the right fit, it’s extremely uncomfortable to wear a normal bra on a daily basis. The challenge doubles if you have no time to laze on the couch. When you’re on your feet all day, there are greater chances of movement which can result in aches and pains.

This is because chest muscles—pectoralis major and minor—are located behind the breasts; any damage to these muscles also affects the breasts. Your suspensory ligaments are also not enough to offer the support needed during movement. A sports bra keeps them in place and minimizes movement. This reduces the chances of pain or any other discomfort.

They Need Support From All Directions

Unlike popular belief, breasts don’t just move vertically while running. Research has show that they move in more than one direction if not fully secured. After observing women during physical exercise, researchers came to the conclusion that their movement is in all directions, making a figure 8. The movement includes vertical, sideways, and backward and forward. In fact the maximum movement of the breast tissues can stretch up to 15 cm.  

It’s not entirely true that women with smaller breasts don’t need support. All cup sizes require necessary support to prevent harm or injury. Sports bras provide wholesome support without the discomfort of under wires or tight bra straps.


Fit For New Mothers

Not only are sports bras essential for young girls and older women but also for new mothers. They are ideal for lactating mothers looking for additional support. But when picking out the right size for a lactating mother, fit is even more important. The sports bra shouldn’t be excessively tight neither should it block the milk ducts. During breastfeeding, your size changes as milk produces and releases. To keep yourself in best shape, the sports bra you choose should be lightly supportive so it can contain the breasts comfortably even when they’re at their fullest. The aim should be to not constrict your torso while wearing a sports bra.

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