4 Cute Pieces You Need To Lounge Around Your Home in

Anh Tran

Posted on October 16 2019

4 Cute Pieces You Need To Lounge Around Your Home in

Activewear is commonly called the modern uniform for millennials, mothers, and single women living in 2019. This statement may sound like a rather bold observation but the statistics only confirm it.

New York Times published an article stating that Americans collectively spent around $323 billion on clothing and fashion accessories. A significant $2 billion portion of this expenditure was solely done on activewear clothing. That says a lot about the popularity of this style of wear.

But the popularity isn’t just restricted to the world outdoors; activewear is as easy to wear in the house as outside. In fact, it even helps you enjoy your time in style, without compromising comfort just like in those jeans you’ve had for years.

With its seamless tailoring, these clothes feel like soft breeze on your body. This is why they’re perfect for lounging around your home in.

Here are some pieces you’d love to style at home.

Form-Fitting Leggings

Be it for climbing furniture, balancing on high stools, cleaning cobwebs or running in circles after your toddler, a super mom needs to be super active. For that she always needs to be in form for whatever chore or challenge there is next in line.  

What’s better to wear to these domestic adventures than our form-fitting leggings? Firmly securing all your curves and edges and making you look smart and trendy every day; this should be a must-have in your daily wardrobe.

Plain Tank Tops

Are you a housewife, a stay-at-home mom, or a work-from-home professional? This means you spend long hours of the day in the house. Even though your routine life is contained within the walls, that shouldn’t mean your aspirations should be confined as well.

If you want to look appealing every day every moment, there’s little more you need to do than have an activewear wardrobe. An essential athleisure piece is our tank top collection. You can never have tank tops in enough colors because they’re just so versatile and go with any uppers or lowers.

Trendy Sports Bras

What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day of work?

That’s right! Unclasp your bra and take it off! It’s just too tiring and uncomfortable to wear a tight and thickly-padded bra all the time! Those red sores and rashes that develop under your bust line are just an uncomfortable thought.

Why go back to those painful styles when you have seamless sports bras for women which are as trendy as comfortable. Designed to fit your form and offer maximum comfort without compromising style, these are as good for going out as for wearing at home.

Long Sleeved Tops: The Timeless Go-To

If we ask you to name one person who doesn’t like or has spent a life without needing to have a plain top in their wardrobe, we bet you won’t have an answer.

That’s solely because casual tops have become such a big part of modern lifestyles. As millennials, we need quick solutions to problems and simple tops largely cut down on dressing up time because they go perfectly with anything.

Be it long sleeve tops women's or short-sleeved, our tops come in a variety of styles and colors, perfect for all moods and days of the week.

What are you waiting for them? Grab your favorite tops and tanks before they run out!

We’re affordable women’s activewear to our customers through our online store and have been serving for considerably long.


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