4 Things Women Who Wear Leggings As Pants Don’t Like To Hear

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on June 10 2019

4 Things Women Who Wear Leggings As Pants Don’t Like To Hear

Leggings are a fashion staple for many women out there.

In fact, it’s a choice of style for women who value looks and comfort easily. Unlike trends that come and go at their own pace, style is something personal and unique to each individual. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the luxury to spend more than 5 minutes deciding what to wear every day, leggings will be your go-to bottoms. They pair well with almost all types of t-shirts and tank tops in your collection and can look absolutely casual or dressy according to the occasion.

If you’ve long been part of the legging-wearing community, you must have grown old listening to passing comments about your fashion choices. Needless to say, such uninvited remarks are not the least bit helpful or welcomed.

Here are 4 things women who rock seamless workout leggings don’t like to hear.

“Leggings Are NOT Pants”

The debate between leggings and pants has been raging on since time immemorial. Women are stopped in their tracks or asked endlessly about their choice of lowers because people assume they’re not pants. Somehow the word ‘pants’ brings to mind a pair of denim or formal wear. As quoted in Merriam-Webster, the term only refers to a piece of garment covering both legs individually, and extending from the ankle to the waist. It in no way defines it as made of a particular fabric or stitched a specific way. So the next time someone comments on your choice of pants, request them to check a dictionary first!

“Leggings Are Not For Everyone”

Such comments take body-shaming to yet another level! Instead of blaming the flawed beauty standards or the glamorized idea of physical perfection, people should correct their tone. Saying that leggings don’t look flattering on certain body types is clearly a way of ostracizing some people from the ‘fashionable’ circle.  Style is something very personal and if someone chooses to make leggings their style, they don’t need public approval for it. However, what can be said definitively is that such comments really don’t look flattering coming from everyone.

“Her Butt Is Sticking Out”

Haven’t you heard: the curvier, the better!

If you haven’t, you’re hearing it now. If someone’s daring to wear short tops with leggings, it only shows that they’re proud of their curves. There’s no reason to shame them for their perfectly-rounded butts or lack of curves. Whoever feels like a rightful fashion police is probably just jealous of someone’s body or feel threatened by their confidence.  In either case, we’re all for women flaunting their assets with beautiful clothing.

“But What About Those Panty Lines?”

Women who are shamed and criticized for wearing leggings because the reveal panty lines should wear carry a poster saying “I just don’t care”. Whether a woman chooses to show off her panty line or is comfortable with people knowing that she wears undergarments is no one’s business. That said, there’s a variety of underwear out there that doesn’t show panty lines. Thongs and seamless underwear are to name a few. On a scale of going commando to wearing granny panties, panty lines are as much a non-issue as having a personal choice.

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