5 Reasons Why You Need An Activewear Wardrobe

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on September 19 2019

5 Reasons Why You Need An Activewear Wardrobe

Athleisure isn’t just a trend; it has now become a lifestyle choice. A clever individual once said, “Diamonds were once a girls’ best friend; then yoga pants happened.”  

More and more people have realized the importance of athleisure, which has resulted in an overwhelming increase in demand for such products. Don’t be fooled by activewear; it’s not just useful for yoga and Pilates. Here are some reasons why you need to invest in an athletic wear wardrobe:

Can be styled up or down

Having versatile clothing options in your wardrobe is a must. You never know when you have to go from running errands around town to having coffee with a friend. Activewear can be worn on their own, i.e., pairing leggings with an athletic top or hoodie or with other pieces in your wardrobe. These outfits can be dressed down with trainers and a baseball cap or styled up with strappy heels, a clutch, jewelry, and glowy makeup. You could meet somewhere in between these two styles for a more subtle, but put-together look.

Has become a huge trend because of celebrities

Most celebrities have been sporting activewear for years now. The traditional ‘airport outfit’ of famous faces has been athletic wear. These outfits are lightweight and comfortable enough to spend many hours on a flight. Other celebrities have been sported wearing athletic wear on nights out paired with stilettos or even when caught by the paparazzi around town or on vacation.  

It’s super comfortable!

There’s no denying the ultimate comfort that seamless activewear has managed to achieve. They fit all body types since they aren’t restricted by seams. The cutting-edge technology used to prepare such clothes makes them fit like a glove, no matter what your body type is. They don’t bunch up or crumple, giving a smoother appearance.

Ideal for any weather

The high temperatures experienced this summer all over the world have been unreal. Lightweight clothing has been a godsend. The pieces offered on our website are breathable enough to be worn even when temperatures are at their peak. Athletic wear is also great for layering when temperatures drop later on in the year. They make the perfect base layer, since they fit so well.

It’s the new denim

Remember when denim was all the rage? Celebrities back in the ’90s and early 2000s were wearing it to red carpet events, school-going kids loved it, and it was the ultimate everyday go-to item of clothing. Athleisure has now become the new denim. It’s worn by teenagers, college students, adults, and pretty much everyone else. When in doubt, put on a pair of seamless leggings!

Climawear offers a wide range of affordable activewear women's clothing for you to choose from, from low-impact sports bras to seamless yoga leggings.  Build your activewear wardrobe with our pieces. We offer free shipping on orders over $100.

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