6 Reasons You Should Wear a Sports Bra When Exercising

Anh Tran

Posted on November 11 2019

6 Reasons You Should Wear a Sports Bra When Exercising

Sports bras are an essential part of every workout outfit. However, some people question whether they’re important, especially because they seem like an unnecessary expense that doesn’t give you much. The thing about sports bras is, though, if you’re not seeing a change in your breasts because you regularly wear one, that means it’s doing its job.

The latest athleisure trends have freed sports bras from the confines of workout attire, with more and more people using them as everyday wear too.

There are a number of ways sports bras provide support throughout the day while you go about your daily activities. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on buying that sports bra you’ve been eyeing for a while:

It reduces pain that stems from movement

Studies have been conducted on the discomfort women feel when they exercise, with 56 percent reporting they felt breast pain quite often. This is owing to the movement of the breasts during exercise or physical activity.

Studies have found that any kind of exercise, no matter how low-intensity, leads to breast movement. This unchecked movement can be damaging in the long run. They bounce up and down, as well as sideways; this full range of movement leads to pain and discomfort in the neck and back—along with the breasts—that can last until you take measures to alleviate it.

Wearing a sports bra flattens your breasts against your chest and restricts their movement no matter what exercise you do, serving as a great solution to the problem.

It’s comfortable

Sports bras, and activewear in general, are made from moisture-wicking fabric that is breathable and makes you sweat less. Traditional bras can never compete with the comfort of a sports bra after a sweaty hike up your favorite trail.

Sports bras come in a variety of styles, but most of them don’t have straps and hooks like regular bras do. They feel like a part of your skin and nothing digs into your skin while you exert yourself.

It reduces sagging

The right sports bra will help you fight against gravity when you’re taking part in physical activities. Your breasts can sag even due to low-impact physical activities like walking, hiking or yoga. Your best bet is to wear a sports bra, as it has been found that a full range of support is needed for women, regardless of their size, to maintain elasticity and firmness.

You’ll perform better

This may seem shocking if you aren’t used to wearing a sports bra while you work out, but it greatly affects your performance. A study reported that some women may just avoid physical activities because they can’t find the right bra or are embarrassed by excessive jiggling. Not only will sports bras give you the confidence to exercise, but they also improve your performance.

They’re specific to your needs

Three kinds of sports bras are available for the level of impact you require. High-impact, medium-impact, and low-impact activities offer different types of support. This also means that sports bras aren’t just reserved for runners or people who do high-impact workouts, you should wear one even while doing yoga, Pilates, or hiking too.

In fact, even low-impact activities like being out and about or running after your toddler can be detrimental for your breast health. It’s best to wear low-impact bras whenever you can!

No matter the type of physical activity you’re engaging in—even if you’re just running errands or lounging around—wearing a sports bra is important. Climawear is committed to providing functional and comfortable sports bras that are specially designed to reduce chafing and friction, all while improving your blood circulation. Our low and medium impact sports bra ensure support and comfort, so you can be your most productive self!

Our seamless activewear offers a range of activewear options to choose from. We want you to feel empowered, healthy, and happy no matter what you’re doing.

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