Chair Ab Workout

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on December 19 2018

Ab workout using a chair. Crunches, knee sweeps, knee to elbows, leg raises, crunch kicks, cycling crunches, sitting twists. Holidays are coming up! Get in shape!

No need for a gym, equipment, or workout clothes.... just a chair and the motivation to want to workout.

During the holidays, it can sometimes be very hard to get get around to doing any sort of activity, with so much going on. Especially with online shopping now we can barely even run around for gifts. 

Which is why we've incorporated a workout that involves sitting. Everyone at some point sits down, whether it be at work, eating, resting, drawing, reading, waiting around or all the other reasons we do so. 

Find the time to do this 15 min workout at least three times a week. This adds up to a total of 45 min a week. After doing so for at least 2 weeks you should already start to see results.

The holiday's always means indulging in foods that are not always the best for you, but let's prepare our body's this way we won't feel as guilty. 

Start a stop watch at 15 minutes and begin:

  • - 10 crunch kicks
  • - 10 side to side knee sweeps
  • - 10 knee to elbows 
  • - 10 leg raises

Breaks are always allowed, just make sure to stop the stopwatch while doing so. 

You will see after constantly doing these workouts you will start to improve weekly.

Feel free to share your process down below in the comments, we would love to hear about it♡

Have a great Day & Happy Holidays! 


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