Accentuate Your Curves With These Casual Pieces

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on October 21 2019

Accentuate Your Curves With These Casual Pieces

Every woman deserves to be celebrated. We can only do that once we learn to see beauty in every body type.

With our athleisure collection, you can accentuate your curves with the help of just colors and designs.  These pieces not only hug your bodies in the most comfortable way but also celebrate the diversity of female beauty.

Want to know how to highlight the shape of your legs or your upper body?

See which body type you fall under and find the most appealing clothing options for yourself in our range.


Let’s be honest—there’s rarely any millennial who didn’t play Taylor Swift’s Love Story in their mind when their crush walked past them. But there’s more to this music icon than her songs.

She has long been seen as a representative of the straight body type. (This will help most of you picture just exactly what we mean by straight).

With proportionate mass distribution in your bust area and hips, your body needs a pop of color to accentuate its curves. Make sure your tank top and leggings are in two different colors.

A rounded neckline will sit perfectly on your square shoulders whereas the fitted top will highlight your narrow waistline.  


This is one of the most common body types that most women identify with. Essentially fuller in the hips and relatively narrower in the bust, with a curvy waist, pear-shaped women are beautiful in their own right. If you can’t conjure the image of a pear-shaped woman, think of Beyoncé.

Since the mass in the lower half of your body is already emphasizing your curves there, you need a brighter color to draw attention to your torso. A scoop neck would be the perfect option to make your bust look more attractive.

However, if you’re conscious of your wider hips, you can wear dark toned lowers to appear slimmer.


Oval bodies are the ones that resemble the form of an apple. With broadly dominant shoulders and full waist, the upper part of the body is more bulky than the slender legs below.

In order to give off an impression of a slimmer and curvier upper body, you can opt for a dark-colored top such as a form-fitting tank top or shirt. Don’t forget to give your collar bones a flattering reveal with a broad neckline.

To spice it up, go for women's fitness leggings in a vibrant tone so that your bottoms look perkier and your legs more shapely.

If you know your body type, head over to our online store. We sell Activewear Tops for Women and leggings for women of all body types.

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