How To Rock Your Activewear Anywhere You Go

Amanda Gabrielli

Posted on July 21 2016

Nowadays workout clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore! We love nothing more than finding innovative and fresh ways to wear our pieces, not just in the gym but on the go as well! After all, what we wear has a huge impact on how we feel as a whole!

We hear you girl, there is nothing more comfortable than being in sweats and a loose tee all day, however nobody is stopping you from taking your cute exercise clothes to the streets and making it your own!

Mixing your active wear with some feminine flare is quite simple actually and we encourage you to try it out! Here are a few easy tips on how to rock your workout
gear anywhere you go!

1 – Turn your stylish sports bra into a crop top! Paired with some high-waisted
leggings or jeans you’ll be good to go and looking cute too!

2 – Blazers should be a staple in any working woman’s closet! Throw on a swanky
blazer over a bright colored workout tank for a quick, professional, yet comfortable
look with a pop of color!

3- Don’t be afraid to get playful! Having a good pair of eccentric yoga leggings
(spacedye, tie-dye, floral etc) can go a long way! Step into your best pumps and rock
those crazy leggings, girl!

4 – Accessories are always important when planning an outfit! Swap your runners
for a cute pair of ankle booties and opt for a chic fedora over a snapback or baseball

Fitness apparel is about feeling confident and if you’re able to put your own
personal fashion twist on it, kudos to you! Have fun with it and don’t be shy to step
out of your comfort zone!

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  • Jac: August 09, 2016

    Thank you for the article. I love wearing my exercise clothes everywhere! I know I’m not the only one who likes to look like they are active all the time. I especially love wearing my leggings out because it feels like I’m not wearing anything at all! Thanks for the insights. I’m going to try wearing my sneakers around next!

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