Outfit Ideas for Your Dance Class

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on April 12 2019

Outfit Ideas for Your Dance Class

Ditch the monotonous gym exercises and join a dance class to start your health and fitness journey.

An article in TIME magazine discussed scientific studies that have found dance to potentially reduce the risk of dementia and disability in old age.

Besides its physical benefits, dancing is also great for our mind and just helping us work all that pent up energy out. As we dance, our brain releases endorphins—a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety and makes you happy. Essentially, endorphins are what help us maintain a happy and healthy life.

If you’re all set for your dance class and are looking for outfit inspirations, here are a few ideas to help you get started!

Know Your Leggings

Move on from basic cotton pants and get your hands on leggings made from a moisture-wicking fabric that’s stretchy and breathable.

The instant-dry technology of the fabric helps you stay cool and sweat-free while you’re busting a move on the dance floor.

If you have a curvy body and are conscious about the awkward stomach jiggles, invest in some high-waisted leggings that’ll cinch your waist for a flattering look.

 Know Your Leggings

Go From Basic to Bold

Step outside your comfort zone and choose bright, colorful leggings with stylish patterns and designs to wear to your dance class.

Leave the black and neutral colored leggings for lounging at home. Instead, grab some hot pink or dual-toned leggings with a perforated mesh design to get you in the mood to dance.

Invest In the Right Bra

Your boobs require additional support when you’re dancing and jumping up and down. Invest in a medium-impact sports bra to keep your chest protected during the dancing sessions.

We have a wide range of low-impact and medium impact sports bra in different colors with adjustable straps and designs for a stylish and chic look.  

Get your hands on these seamless sports bras available in different sizes to fit all body types!

Graphic T-Shirts/Tank Tops

If you’re going for a retro vibe with your dance outfit, pair a sleeveless graphic T-shirt with colorful blue and green leggings. Wearing form-fitting tank tops made from a soft, sweat-proof fabric help you feel beautiful and sexy!

Where to Buy Fitness Clothes for Your Dance Class?

If you’re looking to buy women's activewear, check out our collection of affordable athleisure clothing at our online store!

We offer a wide variety of seamless women’s fitness leggings, sports bra, and tank tops in colorful designs and chic patterns.

Get in touch with us to order high-quality fitness activewear to lead a fashionable and stylish lifestyle!

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