Reasons to Avoid Underwire Bras

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on June 03 2019

Reasons to Avoid Underwire Bras

Finding true love is probably easier than finding the right bra. They’re your companions through thick and thin and vow to last a long time if kept with care. However, the amount of care they reciprocate for you depends on how compatible the bra is for your specific breasts.

Like every long-term relationship, you have to invest a lot of thought into picking the right bra. There are numerous factors to consider; cup size, fabric, stretch, comfort, coverage and padding are a few. Bras that look good on may not offer the support your breasts need.

Living up in a society where full, perky and firm breasts are a standard of beauty, anything that falls above or below is considered unacceptable. This is why women opt for underwire bras, to give their breasts an added lift.

But the lifted appearance comes at a price:

Neck Pain

An underwire bra that doesn’t fit correctly, in case of a larger cup size, creates a lack of structure that does more harm than good. It can cause neck and back pain if the structure fails to support your breasts fully. This is also true for bras that are old enough to be called vintage. Saving a few dollars without buying new undergarments is actually harmful because your cup size varies from time to time. If you want to go for a safer option, opt for sports bras because with their seamless knitting, they’re really comfortable and offer full support. It’s better to invest in new bras at frequent intervals because laundry and wear also affects the fitting of your bras.


Been noticing frequent headaches lately? Apart from all other medical explanations, one major reason for this could be your bra.

If your current collection is full of misfit bras, chances are they could be affecting your back and neck muscles. These muscles compensate for the lack of support provided by the bra and result in complications like cervicogenic headache. Keep your eyes out for pain that shoots upwards from the nape of your neck towards your crown.  Finding the right fit for your cup size is harder with underwire bras. Switch to low impact sports bra and you’ll be happier and healthier with the additional breast support.

Disrupted Blood Circulation

Some days you’re just not bothered to change into your night suit and perform your skincare routine before going to bed. This also includes forgetting to take off your bra before crashing in the bed.

Wearing a bra—especially an underwire bra—to sleep is a major health risk. Underwire bras cup your breasts and keep them in formation with the help of metal wires, which also restricts blood circulation. For women who sleep on their stomach or cuddle a pillow too tight, the rod digs deeper into the skin, affecting the pectoral muscles. A sports bra on the other hand is seamless and doesn’t restrict blood flow. Although it’s safer to take them off too before going to bed.

How about bras that are both, beautiful and safe, for your breasts?

We have a large variety of seamless low and medium impact sports bra online at Climawear. Check out our page to order before they run out of stock!

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