Recipe: Traeger Roasted Sriracha Lime Whole Cauliflower

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on June 17 2019

Recipe: Traeger Roasted Sriracha Lime Whole Cauliflower

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Whole roasted cauliflower is an absolute treat! Perfect as a vegetarian main alternative, or anytime you’re in need of sriracha slathered goodness in your life. Give this one a go y’all!

Traeger Roasted Sriracha Lime Whole Cauliflower

Makes 4 servings 

1 large cauliflower head

¼ cup butter

2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

2 tablespoons soy sauce

¼ cup Sriracha hot sauce

2 teaspoon rice vinegar

1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice

1 tablespoon sesame seeds

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

When ready to cook, start the Traeger on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes). Set the temperature to 375 degrees F and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes.

Heat a saucepan over medium heat and melt the butter. Add the sesame oil, soy, Sriracha, rice vinegar, and lime juice, and whisk until well combined. Place cauliflower in a cast iron pan, then brush liberally with the Sriracha butter sauce, coating every nook and cranny.

Transfer to the grill and roast for 45 – 50 minutes, or until browned, slightly charred and the stem is easily pierced with a knife. Halfway through the cooking process, baste cauliflower with more of the sauce. Layers on layers of deliciousness. 

When cooked through, baste a final time with any remaining sauce, then sprinkle over the sesame seeds and fresh cilantro. Serve immediately. Delicious! 

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