Stay Trendy Past Your Twenties: How We Address Issues of Older Women

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on July 04 2019

Stay Trendy Past Your Twenties: How We Address Issues of Older Women

Unfortunately, for the modern population, most clothing brands and fashion outlets target young audiences that consist of millennial and Gen Z women. The branding, products, offers and advertisement strategies are all tailored to the tastes and preferences of a young target market. This deliberately excludes a large segment of the population, which consists of women past their prime but not old enough to be relegated to the stature of ‘seniors’.

Acknowledging this major flaw and identifying the market niche, Climawear is aiming for revolutionizing the athleisure fashion industry by including issues of older women. It’s time we include the entirety of the female population and opt for wholesome branding instead of selective marketing.

Here are a few instances of how we cater to older women through our product line.

Loss of Youthful Firmness

The age factor doesn’t only become evident in the smile lines and wrinkles on your face.
It also leads to loosening of skin and fragility of muscles. What was once a firm and plump body becomes a bit limp and loose. Even though anti-aging skin products can work wonders on your face, there are fewer ways of dealing with the issue elsewhere on the body.

Our body fit seamless activewear offers just the firm grip your body needs to go back in shape without causing irritation or discomfort. Our sports bras and tanks come in all sizes and can tuck all your loose skin and muscle back in shape and make you look elegantly graceful.

Stretch and Comfort Is Priority

Even though it’s easier to fit into leather pants and louboutins in your prime years despite the pangs of pain, the struggle becomes real in later years. With other health problems like hair loss, menopause and fertility problems, you’re not as concerned about how chic or dapper your outfit looks. You value comfort and elegance and will look for clothing options that offer a good combination of both.

Our long-sleeved tees and leggings never go out of fashion for young and older women alike. Their seamless knit and stretch allows the garment to smoothly hug the contours of your body without you having to hold your breath to button up.

Beat the Age Gracefully

The biggest issue older women face is their ostracism from the young group which is still ‘relevant’ to leading brands and is the only one which is served exclusively. From makeup brands to clothing manufacturers, every brand targets the young population to market their product line. This makes the age factor even harder for older women to accept and adapt to because they’re made to think of themselves as old and obsolete. 

Our product line specifically caters to women of all age groups to reduce this age divide in the industry. Our trendy athleisure activewear can help older women look and feel fit and ready to take on challenges. A woman is only as old as she feels and our activewear will make them feel exactly the opposite. Also, we have picked diverse color themes for our fitness clothes online which appeal to women with vibrant tastes and sober preferences both.

If you want to make athleisure your lifestyle, there’s no where better to start the journey than our online one-stop shop for all things activewear! There’s no right or wrong age to try this modern fashion trend and an older woman can look as attractive in our knit apparel as younger ones. Be it Sports Bras for Women or formation leggings, we have it all. Order your favorites now and adopt this style today!

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