Street Style, Athleisure or Both?

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on October 18 2019

Street Style, Athleisure or Both?

Street style made its debut in the fashion industry when manufacturing brands saw an unfulfilled niche for high fashion with the comfort factor. This was when designers started channeling their creative energies into making something that turned heads on the streets and was also easy to pull off.

Owing to this shift in fashion trends, the most popular styles spotted on the streets were activewear and athleisure clothing. Of course there’s no dearth of accessories that go with this fashionable and functional style, and so it flourished even more.

Now that both—street style and athleisure—have made a name for themselves in the market, people are bogged down by a new dilemma. Which one to pick?

The answer is that there’s no one answer. You can mix and match to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s Not Just a Gym Get-Up

When it comes to styling your look so that it’s street-appropriate, drop anything that takes longer than a minute to wear—be it fiddling with a million fancy buttons, or entangling yourself with many laces; your current choice is just not comfortable enough. Drop it. This way, you may slash out more than half the clothing options from your wardrobe.

The easiest way to go about this is to pull on a semi-gym look and see how you like it. Activewear—sweat pants, leggings, or a tank top—is not just for the gym. You need to debunk the idea.

Once you’re past this first hurdle, the rest will come naturally to you. If you’re comfortable with this trendy-casual attire, you can try and experiment with different accessories.

Jazz It Up With Accessories

Be it a simple t-shirt and tights look or a long-sleeved shirt with yoga pants; there’s always room for enhancing your look. Unless you’re in a rush to be somewhere, you can spend a minute or two dressing to impress.

Put on a pair of white sneakers with your overall sporty look and sunglasses of your choice if it’s sunny outside. Even a crossbody bag strung across your torso wouldn’t look bad with the street athleisure look. Going for anything fancier like a satchel with tassels will give you a more boho-chic look. You want to keep it simple so stick to your street chic appearance.

Up Your Game With an Upper

With the perfect in place and adorning your curves, all you need is to add a bit more detail to create an eye-catching street outlook. Never underestimate the power of an upper when you’re dressing for a casual hangout or date. A cute denim jacket or even a hoodie on a chilly evening can up your street game.

It’s all about pairing the right combinations and there you have your look for the day! Become a head turner with your seamless activewear clothes and stress-style accessories and rock the trend better than everyone.

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