Stylish Yoga Clothes You Can Wear All Day!

Anh Tran

Posted on November 04 2019

Stylish Yoga Clothes You Can Wear All Day!

Have you ever slipped into your yoga clothes and wished you could enjoy their comfort all day long? Well, gone are the days when leggings and tank tops were confined within the walls of your gym; activewear is now one of the hottest fashion trends!

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t understand the hype around them or lie on the other end of the spectrum and consider yoga clothes the best thing ever, you can’t deny the comfort and ease of wearing them all day.

From lunch with friends to taking your kid to the park or even when joining your partner for a hike up your favorite trail, yoga clothes will always be there for you.

What’s so great about them?

At some point in your life, you may have wondered, “What makes yoga clothes and activewear so popular?”

The one undeniable selling point of yoga clothes is comfort. They’re made of moisture-wicking fabric so you won’t be sweating while you go about your life. The comfortable material also makes it easy to get things done because it reduces chafing and skin irritation.


So how do I sign up?

You may have also wondered, “How do I wear yoga clothes all day without looking like I just got out of a sweaty workout session?”

The cardinal rule to wearing yoga clothes in a way that ensures maximum comfort while also exuding style is to put thought into your outfits. While yoga clothes give off an effortlessly chic vibe, you don’t want to look like you just threw on the first thing you saw in your closet.

Pick your pieces wisely

When you decide to change your lifestyle to incorporate more athleisure, your wardrobe will need a makeover. It’s good to build starting building the base with a couple of go-to staple pieces that you can pair with different items. This includes a few pairs of comfortable leggings that are flattering and in neutral colors, tank tops, and a couple of sports bras you can pair with your outfits.

A great pair of leggings can change your whole wardrobe game as you can build up a whole outfit around them.


One of the charms of wearing yoga clothes is how much fun it is to experiment with different styles. You can mix and match pieces to find a style that feels you. Just because you’re going to wear yoga clothes doesn’t mean a matching jumpsuit is your only choice.

Try pairing different materials and patterns to stay looking stylish in your athleisure. Put on a pair of biker shorts and throw on a crop top for a trip to the mall or you can pair your sports bra with jeans and a jacket to switch things up. There’s no limit to the combinations you can make, so don’t hesitate in experimenting!

Keep it clean

While activewear and yoga clothes are so comfortable and make you feel like you’re lounging at home no matter where you are, there’s a fine line between chic and lazy. Make sure your yoga clothes are always in pristine condition and without any holes or stains.

Which pieces should you get?

Once you commit to the activewear lifestyle, there will be no turning back. So which staples should you go for that you can wear all day and look stylish? Here are our top picks keeping in mind comfort and style, of course:

  • Leggings & Capris
  • Medium-impact and low-impact sports bras
  • Bike shorts
  • Tank tops  & long-sleeved shirts


Climawear’s seamless workout clothes include a wide variety of yoga and workout clothes. If you’ve been considering switching to stylish yoga clothes for every-day wear, we have the most comfortable and functional activewear that’ll make you feel healthy, happy, and

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