The thing about September rain

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on September 24 2018

The thing about September rain

Dear Climawear friends and family,

It’s wet! It is that moment when you can really find out what your umbrella is really made of. If you can look past the wet, gloomy, dark feeling of looking out the window, of the rain bouncing off the ground and sometimes making a racket, and actually get outside, there it is always that one aspect of September rain that makes everything manageable. It is that it is not cold!

And if you can get yourself out into the rain… and shake off that fleeting thought that you are going to melt… you find out ahhhhhh… I am only wet, and it is a beautiful thing! And believe it or not, even the sloshing of puddles in my shoes, is actually gushy fun, even though it is in an obscure kind of way. 

I love to share my joy of walking with you, and here is a picture of my little walking partners Zoey and Rocky

I would not be doing my job without letting you know that no matter what my rain gear, waterproof or water absorbent, I am always wearing my Climawear underneath, and for this rainy day here, my exciting bra of the week is the jade bra in the season’s exciting Antler colour.

Check it out

Have an awesome sunny/rainy weekend and please get out there!

With warmest wishes,





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