Tips On Finding the Best Sports Bra for You!

Anh Tran

Posted on October 07 2019

Tips On Finding the Best Sports Bra for You!

Did you know that up to 80% of women are unable to find the right size sports bra for themselves? The stat is shocking but is a true depiction of how little education is out there for the need to wear a sports bra meant for your frame.

Our experts are here to help you! Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know about finding the perfect sports bra for yourself:

The straps reveal a lot about the support they provide

The straps on a sports bra are an indication of the level of support they provide. The straps on any bra reveal how well it’s going to keep the girls up. Wide straps provide more support than thinner straps.

Medium to high impact sports bras are known to provide more support with the help of their design and thick straps. Low impact sports bras, on the other hand, are ideal for everyday wear. The straps don’t dig into your shoulders and it doesn’t fit as tightly as the others.

Look for seamless and 360° stretch sports bras

Technology has come a long way in athleisure. The latest in the world of athleisure is seamless pieces with 360° stretch. All the sports bras offered by us are made to incorporate these features.

The seamless finish ensures there are no marks left on your skin once you’re done with the sports bra. It also gives a smoother finish when layering with other pieces. The 360° stretch makes our sports bras uber comfortable. The support provided is even all around, as a result.

Closure or no closure?

Sports bras either come with a closure or none. The closures can be down the front, at the back, and even on the side, depending on the style you opt for. The closure on the sports bra affects how comfortable they’re going to be.

Often, closures irritate the skin and make a sports bra more difficult to put on. Sports bras without closures have more support and stretch because of the way they are made.

All of our sports bras, whether low impact or medium, are without closures for added comfort. The contour and ribbing on them are made with high-quality materials, so that they don’t dig into the skin and provide the right amount of support.

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