Top 3 Instagram-worthy Activewear Looks

Andrea Spencer

Posted on October 08 2019

Top 3 Instagram-worthy Activewear Looks

We can’t deny the magnetic pull of social media. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter have taken the world by storm. There are over a 100 million active Instagram accounts in the United States alone. It’s safe to say that it has a massive impact on our lives.

Most individuals spend a considerable amount of time working on the aesthetic of their Instagram feed, this affects the places we go to, the way we dress, the things we say, how we behave, etc.

Fashion and lifestyle is huge over on Instagram. To get the views and possibly go viral, you need to look the part and be some of the first to get in on the trends. Athleisure is a popping trend on Instagram. Gone are the days when t-shirts and jeans were the go-to casual outfits, bloggers, Instagram models, and influencers now sport athleisure wherever they go!

Here are some of the hottest activewear looks put together by us:

Blush monochrome

Monochrome looks have been rocking high fashion for a while now. Incorporate this runway trend into your activewear look with a bit of help from us! Pair the Onyx Tank in Antler and Set The Pace Capri in Antler for the perfect fall time monochrome look. This tank provides the right amount of control with medium impact and body mapping design. For ultimate comfort, you can adjust the strap to the perfect level for you.

Patterened co-ords

Co-ords are yet another popular trend on the gram. Many influencers are seen wearing patterned tops and bottoms. To give the same cohesive look, we’ve paired together our Set The Pace legging in Primrose Pink as well as a Destination Hoodie to match. Both pieces have that 90s tie and die effect that are trending at the moment. Wear it together and pair it with white trainers to complete the look. This look is particularly good for fall.

Fall inspired ombre look

Ombre isn’t just a look famous for your hair, athleisure has been one of the first to adopt this look. Our Formation Legging in Raspberry Rose / Fig incorporates the deep wine color with a bit of bright pink as a pop of color. To allow the leggings to shine, we’ve kept the top quite muted with a Wisteria Bra in the same shade too. This look will elongate your silhouette and emphasize your favorite part of the body, your legs!

We at Climawear offer trendy and affordable affordable women's yoga clothes. Pieces from our collections can be worn on their own or paired up with other pieces we have to offer. Our collection includes sports bras with 360° stretch and seamless technology, making them super comfortable as well as seamless workout leggings and activewear tops.

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