Top Reasons to Invest in Activewear

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on January 31 2019

Top Reasons to Invest in Activewear

It wasn’t very long ago when gym-goers would wear unflattering sweats and frumpy T-shirts to workout. Today the story is very different. People want to feel and look good as they exercise and this is when activewear entered the scene.

Over the last few years, activewear has crept out of the sporting goods category and become a part of mainstream fashion.

Hundreds of athleisure brands are offering clothing catered to women of different body shapes that’s specialized for various kinds of workouts.

The growth of activewear has led many to question its importance. Does what you wear really matter when exercising?

 Let’s take a look:

1. Activewear is Durable

Workout clothes take a real beating. They’re constantly exposed to sweat, they’re expected to stretch and they’re washed after every use. Fabrics used for casual clothing don’t offer the durability of the materials used in sporting goods.

By investing in a handful of quality activewear items, you don’t have to worry about buying new ones anytime soon. No matter how intense your workouts are, the best activewear outfits can last you a year or longer.

2. It Maximizes Performance

Maximizes Performance

It seems like a silly theory but it has proven to be true; we perform better in our tasks when we’re dressed appropriately for it.


High-quality activewear is produced using technical fabrics that are designed to regulate body temperature so you can continue working out without getting too hot. These moisture-wicking fabrics dry faster than natural fabrics like cotton and keep you fresh and cool for longer.

3. It’s Flattering

Activewear offers a wide-range of produces to satisfy the needs of people of all shapes and sizes. Regardless what your body shape is, you’ll find activewear items that fit you perfectly.

Activewear comes in a range of styles. Want to show off your toned mid-riff? Get yourself a stylish sports bra! Feel conscious about belly bulges? Slip on a loose-fitting long top over your sports leggings!

There’s something for everyone in activewear!

4. You Can Avoid Injuries

Try taking a zumba or aerobics class wearing loose-fitting sweats. Notice your trousers slipping under your feet? Loose-fitting clothing during a workout can lead to serious injuries.

Most activewear is designed to fit comfortable around your body without restricting movement or ability to breathe so you can remain safe while you work up a sweat.

Climawear offers a range of high-quality seamless and sustainable activewear that can be worn during workouts and as casual-wear too.

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