Low Impact Sport Bras

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Victory bra
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Different people prefer different kinds of workouts. The same way when it comes to sports bras, no one style fits all!

There’s not a lot of bounce during low-impact workouts like Pilates, yoga and strength training therefore you don’t require a sports bra with individual cups and a wide underband.

Low-impact sports bras are made are designed to maximize comfort during workouts; they don’t provide as much support as medium or high-impact sports bras but they are perfect for workouts that require flexibility.

Climawear’s low-impact sports bras are made of super breathable, soft and stretchable materials. They’re usually lightweight and unpadded allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted. They’re breathable material makes them great for girls on-the-go who’re seeking comfort as they go about their day.

Browse out collection online to find stylish and incredibly comfortable low-impact sports bras that can be worn in and out of the gym. Many of our low-impact sports bras are often on sale!