Athleisure Trends: Why Millennials Love Activewear

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on julio 02 2019

Athleisure Trends: Why Millennials Love Activewear

According to a report, the US athleisure market is projected to reach $83 billion by 2020. Worldwide, the numbers are expected to reach even higher and rise to nearly $350 billion.

These numbers beget the question: what made this industry one of the hottest markets of the world?

What’s Athleisure?

Athletic + Leisure = Athleisure. Athleisure is defined as clothing that can be worn for light exercises and casually. The clothing items that come under this term are yoga pants, sports bras, sneakers, hoodies, shorts, tanks and sweatpants.

You might think that athleisure is a recent trend, but the truth is that it started way back in the 1970s when the fitness culture started gaining popularity.

And once again, the trend has come alive with Millennials becoming health conscious and determined to make better lifestyle choices.

Why Do Millennials Love Activewear?

Here are some of the reasons why the athleisure trends are becoming prominent by the day.


One of the main reasons people love activewear and athleisure is because it’s extremely comfortable and designed specifically to support body movement. On top of that, sports brands are constantly working to improve the fabric of sportswear to make them even more functional.



If there’s anything Millennials want more than comfort, it’s style! And with athleisure, they get both of these together. Not only can activewear be worn to the gym, but it can also become your OOTD for any occasion, including casual dinners, parties, and all kinds of social events.

The best part about activewear is that it can be worn throughout the day and still stay wrinkle-free and fresh as if you’ve only just donned it on.


Whether it’s snowing, raining or sunny, athleisure can be worn in all types of weather. The fabric is engineered to keep your body cool and dry by absorbing sweat. When it’s winter, you can keep yourself warm with athletic hoodies and chic overcoats or activewear tops for women.


Fitness enthusiasts don on activewear like sports bras before every workout because it provides firm support to the body while they’re exercising. The clothes are specially designed to speed up your recovery after a workout session and reduce muscle soreness.

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