Earth day

Chrystal Cheung

Posted on abril 22 2018

Earth Day tips


1. Shop & Eat Locally

A great way to show your love and support for local businesses is also a way to show your love for the planet! Buying and eating food produced by local farms rather than large factory farms will help save energy, time, and money. Also, local farming means more seasonal produce, and this means better food in their peak freshness & nutrition! Yum :)

To find out more on this, click the link:


2. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Only 20% of the 30 billion plastic bottles being sold in North America are being recycled. On top of that, recycling them takes up even more unnecessary energy. Save resources by filling and drinking from a reusable water bottle.


3. Sustainable Transportation

Riding your bike, taking public transportation or carpooling when possible is a great way to live more sustainably! This helps save on money that would be spent on gas, insurance, or maintenance when regularly driving a car. This can also help incorporate some added activeness to your everyday: which is never a bad thing!


4. Use Cold Water When Washing Your Clothes & Dishes

It takes a lot of unnecessary energy to generate heat for hot water. Not only does this help you save a pretty penny on your heating bill, but this also helps prolong the life of your clothing!


Find more on the impact this has here:


5. Try to Bundle up Before Blasting the Heat

 Layering isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s also an environmental one! :P Reaching for extra layers before reaching for the thermostat helps reduce energy, which will help to reduce the amount on your heating bill.


 6. Hang or Line Your Clothes to Dry

This saves the energy that would be spent in drying your clothes with a drying machine. This again will save you money on your bills, but will also help literally save your clothes! The heat & tumble of a drying machine actually breaks down the fabrics of your clothing. Avoiding the dryer will prolong the life of your favourite leggings or pullover ;)

For all the benefits, click here:


7. Reuse Containers When Possible

Converting that empty jam jar into a drinking glass, food storer, or plant pot is a savvy way to save in buying those things at the store. Closable containers can be used for food storing whether at home or on the go. This also helps saves in areas where you’d be using products such as cling wrap, zip locks, or other plastics.
8. Bring Your Own Bag

Such an easy effective solution to reducing waste and production on plastic bags! Others are making it easy too with so many stylish and sturdy options available. Some companies are even offering discounts when you do bring your own bag to do your groceries. As well, hopefully the small fee some places are charging per plastic bag deters you from using them too.


9. Composting!

Save, reuse and rebuild! Reducing food waste by composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced from that waste decomposing in a landfill. Compost is an amazing fertilizer to help sustain healthy growth and production of new plants and vegetation. 

More on the importance of composting: 


and lastly..


10. Aspire to Inspire

Hope to educate others and pass on the awareness to others in your community. Hopefully your actions and attitudes can help influence others too :)

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