Health Risks of Wearing Underwire Bras Regularly

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on septiembre 05 2019

Health Risks of Wearing Underwire Bras Regularly

Bras are known to be one of the least favorite items of clothing or undergarment ever. Most women wear them every day and for many long hours. There’s a certain love/hate relationship with underwire bras that women are all too familiar with. They provide great support and shape, but after a while you feel like they’re stabbing you.

The larger your cup size, the more you feel the need to invest in underwire bras. The underwire in such bras is rigid and cause discomfort when you move around. Wearing such restrictive clothing cannot be good for your health.

Here are some of the health concerns of wearing an underwire bra:

Neck pain

The link between an uncomfortable bra and neck pain may not seem likely, but it’s a fact. Women with larger cup sizes have more strain on their neck and back muscles to keep their posture upright. Wearing a bra that lacks the support that’s needed will result in neck pain.

Underwire bras, in particular, tend to lose their shape with every wash and hence the support they provide is compromised. Switch to a more comfortable option that doesn’t require underwire as the main form of support.


If you’ve been suffering from headaches a lot more recently, the bra you wear is probably the reason why. Poorly fitted bras reduce the support needed by your back and abdominal muscles. Around 80% of women are wearing bras that aren’t meant for them. Unless your bra fits like a glove, your headaches are most likely linked to your underwire bra. These headaches are known as cervicogenic headaches. Their symptoms manifest in the form of pain on one side of your head, pain that goes up the neck, or pain behind the eyes.

What’s the solution?

Sports bras are an excellent alternative to traditional underwire bras. They provide support and keep the girls in place all through the day. Once again, tight clothing and high-impact sports bras aren’t good to wear all day. Our low- and medium-impact sports bras will keep you comfortable all day long!

Make sure you’re only wearing underwire bras when you really need to, like for special events or if you need to create cleavage. The rest of the time, you can get away with low-impact sports bras or other bras made from softer materials.

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