How activewear changes your vacay mood with the best outfit options

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on septiembre 23 2019

How activewear changes your vacay mood with the best outfit options

If you’re planning for an adventure-meets-leisure trip, you need to be in your vacay mood and up for adventure every moment. Investing in traveling to a scenic destination goes to waste if you don’t make the most of it. The best way to do that is to dress to impress every day of the trip and look and feel like your best self.

It might look very effortless when frequent travelers upload perfect pictures on their Instagram stories, but there’s a lot that goes behind those 100 likes. If you want to have fun—unrestrained— and have a hoard of pictures that take you back to that time, the single most important thing to do is pack right.

The trick is not to pack a lot but to pack outfits that you know exactly when and how to wear. Summer dresses and denim jackets sound cool but if you have no idea how to pull that look off while on a trip, they’ll go to waste. The weather or the traveling may not allow you to dress the way you wished. That’s why you need outfit options that’ll suit all conditions at all times. The only answer to that is: activewear!

Here are all your packing essentials and wh6y you’ll need them on your trip.


You may want to wear a crop top with high-waist jeans or leather pants with a chic top but those aren’t exactly comfortable options. Sure they look great but when you’re crammed in a bus or car for 10 hours, you’re not in the mood to struggle with uneasy clothing. You want something light and breezy that’s also easy to wear. That’s why our leggings will come in handy. They don’t compromise your look, go with multiple tops, don’t crease, and make your legs look sexy! It’s better to pack a warm one and another light one for moisture-wicking during summer trekking. The best part is, they don’t even take that much luggage space and can be rolled up and stuffed in a corner.

Sports Bra

If you’ve trekked in the summers before, you’d know what a nightmare underwire bras can be. Not only do they cause redness and rashes, they can chafe your skin as well. Not to mention, your breasts start aching if they’re left unsupported during an intensive physical activity like climbing mountains or jogging. How about an option that doesn’t chafe and still looks sexier than other bras? If you’re up for a comfortable sports bra with an attractive strappy back, we’ve got all the varieties you can choose from.

Long-sleeve Tees

Not a day passes when you can’t pull on a plain T-shirt and not look nice. Same goes for trips and travels: T-shirts are the safest and trendiest outfit options there are for your vacation adventures. Be it with leggings, yoga pants or even shorts, they look equally good in every shape and form. Especially, if you’re not too fond of half-tanned arms, a long sleeve will prevent that from happening. Of course, if the weather allows, you can opt for a singlet tank top but that’s not always possible.

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