Sports Bra vs. Traditional Bra For Daily Wear

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on febrero 14 2019

Sports Bra vs. Traditional Bra For Daily Wear

Ever feel uncomfortable in your traditional bra?

That’s because your body needs extra support during physical exercise—within our homes or out on the streets. Designed to be more functional during physical exercise, sports bras offer just that!

Irrespective of your size or body type, doctors recommend wearing a sports bra during physical exercise.

This doesn’t mean you only wear it during rigorous exercises. Even low-impact movements like routine jogging or running after your toddler can cause health risks if your breasts are not secured.

Here’s why going for a sports bra is a wise option.

They Eliminate Discomfort

Exercises as simple as stretching in the park or going for a morning jog can harm your breasts if they’re not supported. By providing them extra support, sports bras save your breasts the extra force they’d put on the suspensory ligaments.

They Reduce Breast Pain

The naturally-occurring muscle ligaments move when in motion. If you go through a rigorous exercise routine without wearing a sports bra, your breasts might hurt post-exercise. You may experience pangs of pain in your sides. This is because of aggressive wear and tear of the muscle ligaments. A sports bra helps keep your breasts in place which prevents you from experiencing searing breast pain.

They Reduce Long-Term Sagging

 They Reduce Long-Term Sagging

Unlike popular belief, sports bras can also be worn with a casual outfit. Among other benefits, their extra support prevents your breasts from sagging in the long-run. They’re your ticket to perkier, younger looking breasts that’ll rock in a low-cut evening dress even at 50!

Because of lack of bone structure, breasts are unsupported lumps that tend to move a lot. Traditional bras are unable to contain their excessive movements and that’s why you need sports bras—especially while working out.

They Look Great!

Padded, wired, half cup or push-ups—none can match the sporty, athleisure appeal of sports bras. They have increasingly become the new trend in women who like to match their attire with their routine.

Not just athletes, but dancers, celebrities and yogis are leaning toward this trend!  

Comfort On Point!

Have you ever developed rashes and sores after wearing a bra for an extended period of time? Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to take off your bra?

This is because the wired varieties of traditional bras can get uncomfortable after some time. It’s also easier to slip on a seamless sports bra which doesn’t cause any rashes and doesn’t need to be hooked or adjusted. Sports bras are a great alternative because they provide support with comfort and style! We have a range of Medium and Low impact sports bras in our collection.

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