Sports Bra vs. Traditional Bra: Which Should I Wear?

Anh Tran

Posted on noviembre 07 2019

Sports Bra vs. Traditional Bra: Which Should I Wear?

Bras are meant to serve the purpose of providing support and play a part in slowing down the effects of gravity. They come in many varieties and styles, allowing you to choose according to your preferences and needs.

With a change in the tides of fashion, activewear and athleisure are becoming increasingly popular. And, with this change, sports bras have become a staple in most women’s wardrobe. While traditional bras will always have their charms, sports bras offer some features that are incomparable.

They provide the support you need

Bras are meant to give you support but sports bras take this up a notch. They’re specifically designed that way—with padding, underwires, and wider underbands—to offer further support. It’s not necessary that you wear a sports bra only when you’re doing physical activity, low-impact movements like walking, yoga, pilates, or just running around doing chores can also require additional support for your chest. Medium-impact support is needed if you’re doing anything of medium intensity; this can include hiking, power-walking, and Zumba. Without a sports bra, even the most basic, every-day activities can give you shoulder and back pain without the right kind of support.

Sports bras can provide that in ways that traditional bras cannot compete.

They’re comfortable

The clasps and straps of regular bras can become annoying and painful if you wear them for an entire day. Sports bras are more comfortable in comparison. This is owing to the fact that most of them don’t have clasps and can easily be pulled on and off. Not only will you enjoy the lack of straps digging into your skin and leaving marks, you’ll also feel lighter and experience less discomfort during the day.


They reduce pain

Since physical movement tends to move the breasts in all directions, pain is not uncommon after a long day. Wearing a sports bra can help reduce this since it constricts the movements of the breasts; now you won’t be experiencing pain, whether it’s after a long hike or a lunch out with friends.

Less sweat

The feeling of having your regular bra drenched in sweat on a normal summer day is the worst; it can ruin your day and whatever outfit you’ve put on. Sports bras are designed to withstand sweat; their moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat and keeps you fresh and clean after a long day of doing chores or running after your toddler.

This ventilation and breathability sports bras offer is unparalleled, it can help beat those dreaded irritations and infections that come up in the hot summer months.

Seamless sports bras can be an even better alternative to traditional bras. They’ll provide support and comfort while reducing the impact on pressure points and sitting smoothly on the skin.  Whether they’re low-impact or medium impact sports bra can a lifesaver!

Check out our wide range of sports bras that will make you look, and feel, beautiful. Climawear prides itself in providing seamless knit apparel that’s made in ways that reduces waste, are ethical, and holistically benefits everyone involved in the process!

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