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Yes! Yes! Fall is here!

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on septiembre 13 2018

Yes! Yes! Fall is here!


Dear Climawear friends and family,

I have to admit, my first inclination was to make the subject of this blog, No! No! Fall is here! Summer has come and gone tooooo fast. But wait a moment. Fall brings new activities, new colours, a time of reflection and letting go the past . The trees and flowers change from their summer hues to their new shades of yellow reds and oranges. So I abandoned the pessimistic view in favour of renewal, in favour of embracing the instincts that call of introspection, taking stock of the world around and taking a very deep breath.

And while you are breathing, I wanted to point out the Jasper Singlet in new arrivals. It is so pretty that we cannot get enough! Lovely enough to wear with a skirt or pants…that is what I do before biking off into the sunset from work. Check it out! It will take your admirers breath away too.

With warmest wishes,




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