Why You Should Put Aside Your New Years Resolutions

Anne Jury

Posted on janvier 16 2015

Move over 2014.. Welcome 2015!

We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited for the fresh start that the New Year brings.. and like the rest of the world, we can’t help but to take note of all the things we can better in 2015. Yes, the ritual that almost everyone embarks on: the New Years Resolutions.

Only this year, it’s different.

How many times have you set your resolutions to make the upcoming year the best ever, only to abandon them come February? We know you have, and so have we. For years now, we have all been guilty of setting these unrealistic goals (you know the ones: “Lose weight ”, “Drink less alcohol”, “Save money” etc..) and although we think it's great to have a long term plan, it can sometimes be overwhelming, which in return, can make you crack under pressure. This is why this year we’re going after small goals (notice how we said small, not easy?) and here’s why you should too:

Daily little changes take less time and are a lot easier to track. They also require less willpower and motivation. For example, you’re more likely to succeed at replacing your usual diet coke with a tea, a goal that is actually realistic but requires daily effort, than sticking to steamed carrots and 3h long workouts everyday, a goal that is not as maintainable for a longer period of time.

Yes, the process will be slower, but after all, an actual lifestyle change doesn’t happen over night. When February rolls around and you'll have actually maintained or achieved your goal, we know you’ll be so impressed with your consistency, you'll be encouraged to take on more. That extra boost of confidence is what’s going to make tackling those harder to reach goals a little better and easier.

This year, put aside your resolutions and start going after a true lifestyle change. Making smaller resolutions is not only the best to actually achieve your goals, it’s the best way to show yourself some love.




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