Tricky Treats!

Vanessa Pugliese

Posted on octobre 30 2013

For sweet-tooths, we're coming up on the most important holiday of the year. The one day where you actually have an excuse to stock your cupboards full of chocolates and toffee and candies and chips. (Can you say food coma?)

But do you have any idea the number thats all going to do on your body? ...or booty? No, didn't think so.

The bad news is that there's very little out there that won't stick with you long after the costumes are packed & put away. But the good news is there are A TON of other options out there that are just as fun & delicious to make, and of course, eat. It's true!

So while it is important to remember to reward yourself every once in a while, it's just as important to not let the size of your Halloween sweets trick you. Keep things in perspective and treat yourself in moderation. 

For more tips & fun, healthier Halloween recipes that won't sacrifice your tastebuds, visit our Facebook page, here!

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