Hello from Naomi our CEO

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on août 15 2018

Hello from Naomi our CEO


Dear Climawear friends,

Climawear is not only my baby, but has the imprint of a wonderful and dedicated team. For me it is a source of great pride. I love everything about Climawear, not the least about how we look. Fresh, form fitted, exciting and reflects my approach to living.

This year marks a special occasion. I am celebrating my 60th birthday in a couple of weeks and I would like to celebrate with you.

I have always liked putting other people in the forefront, and it is very much my comfort zone. Especially when I am surrounded by so much talent. Not too long ago, I had the visit of one of my dearest friends and her family. We sat around the table, her Mom in her 80’s, 3 daughters, her and I talking about the wonderful life we have - and it being about attitude to life. If we can make the difference by making you feel good in a piece of Climawear, or feeling some of the enthusiasm I feel everyday,  then sharing some of our stories will have been very worthwhile.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our extended family, for being there for us, and for joining the Climawear team in embracing life. Lets share together so we will be providing one Climawear piece for every unit you purchase, until the end of August, to a local women’s shelter.

Birthdays are about sharing and our team would like to share with you and our community.

Warmest regards,


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  • Sara lee: August 17, 2018

    I’ve always loved the brand climawear, i get all my bras from you guys.
    Its nice to see you guys will be giving back, and to hear from the CEO herself.
    Looking forward to to your future collections.

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