Important things to know about Working out.

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on mars 26 2019

Important things to know about Working out.

1. Weights don’t make you bulky

This is a myth that’s really only believed by people with little or no knowledge of fitness, yet it’s still quite pervasive. Weight training leads to muscle growth, which usually gives a woman a very firm, shapely and attractive physique. I say “usually” because body fat also has a big influence on the appearance of your physique. With muscle and a low amount of body fat, you will appear slender and firm. As your body fat level increases you take on a stronger appearance. And when it becomes excessive, at that point you will indeed start to look bulky, yet even so, most likely better than you would look without any muscle.

2. A workout partner can be a blessing or a curse

A workout partner that can support, motivate and encourage you and keep you accountable is a great asset. They can make an enormous difference to your level of consistency, and therefore your results. But it works both ways. If you’re unlucky enough to have a partner who’s lazy and unmotivated, then not only will they not always be there for you, but they can very easily also take you down with them. By being exposed to enough of their constant stream of excuses and temptations, their poor attitude will quickly rub off onto you. You don’t need that, so choose carefully!

3. Expecting too much of yourself will only lead to disappointment

Starting a new workout program is always very exciting. And in your excitement it’s easy to get carried away and fall into the trap of believing that you’re an overnight super-disciplined workout machine. Be realistic. Don’t set yourself a program that would be at home in the military. You’ll only disappoint and demotivate yourself when you can’t keep up. It’s better to start conservatively and then work your way up if you feel you need to.

4. It’s not all or nothing

No one’s perfect, and there will be times when you stumble. You might have a bad workout, or maybe even miss a workout or two. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you should give it up for the week and “start again” next Monday. Allow yourself the occasional slip-up and accept that it’s OK. It doesn’t mean everything is ruined. After all, fitness is a long-term process and even getting it 90% right will still get you to your goals eventually.

5. You need to embrace the lifestyle

Working out isn’t something you should look at as an interruption to your day. It should be something you embrace as part of your healthy lifestyle. Until you make working out a part of who you are and your lifestyle, it will pretty much always be low on your list of daily priorities. When that happens, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll gradually find less and less time to devote to it.

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