Laundry Tips for Activewear

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on juin 20 2019

Laundry Tips for Activewear

Activewear is a trendy and casual fashion wear which can be easily worn as daily attire. Due to the comfort and ease it offers, it’s irresistible to wear activewear for anything and everything, be it a quick run for coffee or meeting old friends at a local bar. Their unique style and seamless fitting makes them a popular choice among modern trend followers.

Even though you can casually pull on a tank top and leggings before heading out every day, you need to be more careful while washing them. If you wear them every day, the chances of them catching dirt and absorbing sweat are higher than other less frequently worn clothes. This mandates a thorough laundry process which is also not harsh on the soft fabric.

Be mindful of these laundry tips to make your activewear last a long time.

Dangers of The Deadly Detergents

It’s a common trick to add an extra scoop of detergent to your laundry while washing to give it better cleaning. Beware of such laundry mistakes because you may be tempted to use more detergent to wash away the dirt, it may be more harmful for your activewear. Your washing machine can only wash out a set amount of detergent. Putting in more detergent would end up depositing it in your clothes. This puts your activewear at the risk of catching mildew, since it feeds off soap/detergent. Make sure you use a limited amount of detergent and wash it out completely before drying.

Shady Softeners

Fabric softeners are marketed such that buyers are led to believe that they’re much-needed for your laundry to be clean and fresh. Ironically, these softeners may in fact toughen the condition of your activewear. They coat the laundered fabric with a damaging coating that traps bad smells which are hard to get rid of. If you wear your activewear daily, you don’t want the stench to be mistaken for body odors and land you in embarrassing situations. To avoid that, limit or eliminate the use of fabric softeners on activewear.

Vinegar For Vile Odors

If you’re very particular about the way you smell and also wear your activewear clothing quite frequently, you’ll need to make sure your laundry smells as clean as it looks. Don’t look for chemical solutions to the problem in vain; they always have more side effects than benefits. It’s a tried and tested home remedy that adding a small quantity of vinegar to your wash will remove all kinds of bad smells. Rinse out your washed laundry with vinegar and smell as fresh as new every day.

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