Pre-Fall collection story

Anh Tran

Posted on août 02 2018

Pre-Fall collection story

Collection inspiration

Athletic & opulent looks merge: designs are luxurious, with equal focus on the technical and the crafted. Embellishments are inspired by global patterns, but reinterpreted with modern technology.

Exquisite complex patterns are executed with mathematical precision and are influenced by the Middle Eastern rhythms, intense hues and striking landscapes. These take the form of engineered performance mesh zones & jacquards. Styles range from intricate patterns with minute detailing to large over-scaled designs creating striking effects.

Colour palette

Inspired by planetary terrains and geological strata, active colour acquires a new lightness for outdoor training. The earth’s strata inspires rich colour in unison with flat earthy colours reminiscent of layers of the desert sands.

Source: Google

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