Tips on Buying Seamless Activewear in 2019

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on février 08 2019

Tips on Buying Seamless Activewear in 2019

If you’re planning to make fitness your top priority in 2019, you’ll need to prepare your wardrobe for a new routine. The first thing you’ll need is the right set of activewear.

With endless brands and varieties of activewear available in the market, it’s hard to decide which to buy. The fanciest or the most expensive options out there are not always the best ones.

Here are a few tips for buying seamless activewear.

Make Sure It’s the Perfect Fit

Sizing is crucial in activewear. Even a half an inch difference can make your yoga pants look either too saggy or give you a camel toe. Any size that’s not the right fit will not only look unimpressive but also make it difficult for you to function during exercise.

This is because stretchability, length and width of activewear depend on the size you pick. Standard sizes are not a definite way of choosing what you’ll fit best in.

It’s important to try it on before buying to make sure it hugs your body and doesn’t hang loose. If you’re not able to try it, ask for a detailed size chart and check all the measurements for your body type.

Highlight your Assets

Highlight your Assets

Everyone has something that they absolutely love about their body. It can be abs, legs, arms, or even your butt. Choose activewear that emphasizes your most attractive assets.

A fitted top or sports bra can highlight your abs if that’s your asset. A pair of sleek leggings can enhance the curves of your calf muscles to show off the cuts of your shapely legs.  

This way you can work toward your fitness goal with style! Your body image can bring immense positivity in your attitude and incentivize you to struggle for your ambitions.

Check for Comfort


If you want to focus on your comfort more than your looks, our athleisure activewear is the perfect choice. Our seamless knitwear helps you wrap yourself in style with a soft comfortable fabric.

If you’re looking for pants that highlight the shape of your butt, those fitted at the pelvic area will do the job. Seamless activewear offers greater use for activewear because it can be worn on casual days.

Pick The Right Clothes For Every Activity

Activewear doesn’t fall under a standard category which can be worn during any kind of physical exercise. Different kinds of routines require different kinds of activewear.

Barre Classes

Barre Classes are an upgrade from Yoga and Pilates because they include upbeat music that makes it more fun. But it’s important give your body the comfort it needs during such activities. You’ll need our moisture-wicking clothes for fun Barre sessions.


Cycling majorly depends on your leg movement which is why you’ll need clothes that are functional Form-fitting pants are best for cycling because they don’t snag during the exercise.

Yoga or Pilates

During Yoga or Pilates, you indulge in poses that require a great amount of stretching and bending. This is why you need clothes that support that by being comfortably fitted.

Apart from yoga pants and a fitted top, you’ll also need a pair of good-grip socks that prevent slippage.

Looking for comfortable and trendy activewear clothes for gym and casual days?

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