Why Leggings Will Make You the Hottest Thing This Summer

Alessia Lonobile

Posted on avril 08 2019

Why Leggings Will Make You the Hottest Thing This Summer

Leggings can safely be called the fashion discovery of the decade. Jeans were the first bottoms that people really took to; but then leggings took over out of nowhere! For the longest time, leggings were only seen as workout wear. Most women felt like it wasn’t appropriate to wear them as a daily look since they were so geared towards athletes and women who were visibly ‘fit.’

But with the rise of body positivity trends, leggings have become more popular in recent years. They’re a great wardrobe staple for the warmer months. Here’s what makes them so great:

They are super comfortable

More and more women now prioritize comfort over the need to ‘look good.’ Leggings are a casual pair of clothing that takes comfort to a whole new level. It’s a trend that emphasizes simplicity and the fact that less is more. Being comfortable in your outfit choice is the number one way to look confident. Dressing comfortably shows that you put your needs before what anyone else thinks, and that’s sexy!

They’re super fashionable

 They’re super fashionable

Leggings are on trend, and there’s no denying that. Whether you’re watching a movie, buying groceries, or going on your daily jog, you can always rely on leggings.

Leggings now come in a wide variety of styles. You can get brightly colored leggings, patterned leggings, mesh detailing leggings, perforated leggings, and many more. Every pair of leggings gives a unique look depending on how you style them.

Following trends may seem pretentious to many, but leggings are one trend that will never be pretentious. Who wouldn’t want to wear a piece that’s utterly comfortable and looks good too?

They’re quick to throw on

On days when you just don’t have the time to get ready, you can always rely on a pair of leggings. You can wear them straight out of the wash, since they don’t need to be ironed or steamed. They’re also easy to slip on and you can be out of the house within seconds!

They’re super sexy

Let’s just admit that leggings are super sexy! They show off our curves and accentuate the waist and butt. Leggings also cover your tummy, helping to hold it in if that’s your ‘problem area.’ Depending on what you pair them with, you can cover your stomach or bare your midriff with cropped tops and sports bras.

Another factor that just adds to the appeal of leggings is that they’re sexy without showing off skin. Leggings are the perfect way to show off your figure while not having to show skin. They are perfect for ladies who opt for more conservative clothing pieces on a day to day basis.

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