Picking the Best Yoga Pants for Your Shape

Picking the Best Yoga Pants for Your Shape

A good pair of yoga pants can help you conquer the world. These leggings are meant to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear.

With the rise in popularity of athleisure, yoga pants are a staple in every lady’s wardrobe. They can be worn around wherever you like, provided it’s styled accordingly.

Though yoga pants may seem like a one-size-fits-all kind of piece, you need to find one that’s most flattering for your shape.

Our experts have put a guide together to help women figure out what would suit them best:

Ombre leggings

The ombre trend has really taken off in active wear. Gradient colors allow you to get the best of many colors at the same time! Ombre leggings are ideal for women who are quite tall. The lighter color at the bottom adds proportion to your body. These leggings are also high-waist and so give you the support you need.

Check out our Formation Legging in white and black.


Add some variation to your legging collection with Capris. Capris allow you to show some skin. It’s ideal for the fall months too. Though most fashion guides tell shorter women to steer clear of capris and cropped lengths. However, the figure-hugging silhouette of capris, the light color, and high-waist design make it the perfect piece for shorter women.

Our Formation Capri is the perfect example.

Solid color

You can’t go wrong with solid colored leggings. Leggings first began being produced in solid dark colors like black and grey to be a staple in women’s wardrobes. A classic black legging is ideal for all body types. Curvier women tend to gravitate toward dark colors.

Our Jordan Legging is ideal for pear- and hourglass-shaped ladies. The high waist helps define your slimmest point and show off the broad hips. This pair of leggings also has perforated detailing down the bottom to add some detail.

Pattered legging

Patterned leggings have only recently become a thing. The best part about having patterned clothing is that it can help with ‘problem areas.’ Problem areas are just something we’re insecure about and they’re rarely visible to anyone else. Nonetheless, you do you and find a pair of leggings that help you feel confident!

Our Candence Legging in Medieval Blue & Amparo Blue is ideal for women who feel self-conscious about wearing leggings. The dark color and flattering design make it easy to pair with other pieces too.

High waisted and slimming

Women who have an apple figure or pear shape tend to look for pieces that help give them a more hourglass figure. Our Stamina Capri can help you achieve that look. The high, waist-control band helps define your waist and give you support. The contrasting side stripe helps elongate your legs while giving a slimmer appearance to your thighs.

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