About Us

Who We Are

Climawear is a division of Domestic Converters Inc., a privately owned company, founded in 1952.

Our inspiration comes from the dynamic mix of people and cultures around us, which is showcased in the beautiful colour palettes & ornate jacquards found on all of our styles. Incorporating the latest trends in women’s fashion along with the practicality, function and support of high-end performance features, all our designs are developed in-house, by our expert team of designers & fit technicians.

In addition to ensuring a great product, we make it a priority to align ourselves with overseas operations run in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
Our Product
Inherently long lasting & durable, Climawear seamless knit styles are as strong as they are beautiful, and won’t wear out before you do.

Free of pressure points which can often pull and limit movement, Climawear seamless performance pieces are specially designed to act & feel like a second skin, harnessing the perfect balance between compression and full-flexibility. All wrapped up into a comfortable controlled hold, Climawear styles incorporate technical performance enhancing features that keep you dry and supported for as long as you wear them. 

Paired with a refreshing take on fashion and innovative use of seamless knit technology, Climawear delivers unmatched quality and style, at an affordable price.

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