Product Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

Climawear recommends machine washing (gentle cycle) or hand washing all our garments in cold water.

To ensure the longevity of your apparel, all items should be washed with delicates only.

Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

It is highly recommended to hang dry your items (especially for specialty bonded products).

Should you wish to use your dryer, be sure to adjust your settings to a delicate cycle.

Do not place Climawear apparel in contact with Velcro or other rough finished items, as this can lead to snagging and pilling.

We do not recommend the use of dryer sheets as they release chemicals and leave a coating on the garment, which will block the wicking function.



Climawear is made from very fine yarns, and can catch on rough edges. This is normal.

Snags should never be cut off. Gently pull the fabric on either side of the snag and it should start to go back into the fabric.

If any of the snag remains, these can be drawn inside of the garment with a needle if desired.


Neon or bright coloured garments will fade and may run in the first few washes. These items should be washed separately.


Shrinkage of our garments is minimal, if at all.

All shrinkage occurs during production so that the product you
receive is stable and will not change in size.